Our miniature-folding machine offers slitting, scoring and
perforating capabilities.

1) Stahl-Mini Folder

Maximum sheet size 14” x 25”
Minimum sheet size 4x4
Minimum fold 7/8” x 1-3/4”

The Stahl folder Ti 40 Proline delivers high output and precise folds. The unique capabilities provide a wide-range of folding configurations; whether you are looking for a relatively routine fold, or a more complex fold that requires multiple-up folding and slitting in-line, Binding Edge can offer the needed experience and knowledge to pre-plan any folding project that may require outsourcing to ensure accuracy and quality.

The Stahl folder is suited for the folding of sticker sheets, offset sheets, coated paper, and a variety of other substrates. Items generally requiring miniature folding are related to the medical fields, informational sheets that must fit into a small confined area, or materials that are supplied at a small size and require folding down to a dimension the size of a half-dollar.

2) Stahl-Standard Size Folder

Makeready sheets: 50
Sheet size: (max) 27 x 40" (min) 8.5 x 11
Length: (max) 40" (min) 11"
Width: (max) 27" (min) 8.5"
Stock type: (min weight 50# offset)
(max. weight 10 PT)

Cautions: Check with B.E. with regard to laminated sheets, UV coated sheets, and diecut sheets. B.E. can fold 4-page signatures up to 32-page signatures; however, number of folds will vary depending on type of stock being used.


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