Shrink Wrapping

Binding Edge Shrink-Wrapping capabilities provide precision state-of-the-art machines. This means that you can depend on high performance and quality results. The air velocity and temperature is carefully controlled to favor the wrapping film, and is maintained uniformly throughout the length and width of the tunnel. When the packages emerge, the film around them has been completely shrunk to a neat, uniform appearance. Why burden your personnel with such tasks when you can call on Binding Edge to provide industry expertise and knowledge?

Shrink-wrapping is a popular method by which individual bound items are securely readied for shipment, or this packaging method is used to simply package a number of items together for ease in distribution. Our lean approach to book binding and finishing enables us to easily adapt any of our shrink lines to work in-line and provide complete flexibility in the process. Whatever your final packaging requirements may be, allow Binding Edge to offer a unique perspective on adding the final professional touch to any of your printed materials.

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