Plastic spiral binding is very versatile and offers several advantages over wire:

  • Plastic spiral binding is an economical and aesthetically pleasing alternative to wire.
  • It has elastic-like flexibility and does not crush, making it extremely durable for mailing.
  • Coils are lightweight and scratch-resistant.
  • There is no risk of exposed sharp edges or snag hazards.
  • Coils can be ordered in black, white, or a wide variety of colors, including custom Pantone®-matched (PMS) colors, which enables designers to use coil colors as a design element for their printed pieces.
  • Plastic spiral binding allows for lay-flat use; however, it’s not for jobs where straight registration of the open book is required. When opened, half the book will follow the angle of the coil and will “drop” about one half a hole lower.

Plastic spiral coils start out as plastic filament, which are formed into specified sized coils before being bound into documents on our high speed Bielomatik automated binding machine. The binding process includes punching the pages, inserting the coil, and cutting and crimping the ends of the coil. Preformed plastic coils can also be used, depending on project specifications; however, they are not used on our high-speed automated Bieolmatik.