With 90+ pockets across 4 machines of collating capability, Binding Edge performs a wide variety of sheet and signature collating and value-adding gathering options to fit customers’ specific needs.

We are also skilled at gathering and collating bound books with the added benefit of automated shrink wrapping and paper banding to distinguish sections, series, or titles.

  • Our machines can accept a number of substrates with very little added set-up.
  • Our signature collating process allows us to accommodate high sheet counts without multiple passes.
  • We have adapted our collating equipment to handle additional materials such as bound books, board stock, and a variety of other substrates.
  • Binding Edge collates both single sheets and signatures. We have the flexibility to meet your project requirements.

What Our Customers Say

Jim and I really enjoy working with you on our projects. You go out of your way to get us good pricing and good schedules and we appreciate it.

Thank you Steve. You are always fair to work with and service is excellent.