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How to Assemble Books with Covers

If your client or customer wants a bound book, we can be your reliable finishing partner! It is our goal to save you time and money when submitting a book to be bound with covers. Here's how we do that!

Tips to Avoid Snags in the Binding and Finishing Process

Binding Edge is your reliable, full-service mechanical bindery! We help many printing companies with their overflow projects and provide reliable services for those that don’t specialize in the finishing end of projects. Here's how to ensure a smooth binding and finishing project from beginning to end, through effective communication.

Save Time & Money With Pre-Planning!

Binding Edge has always looked for ways to save our clients both time and money when servicing their projects. With this in mind, we are proud to empower you with the single largest means to guarantee these savings when you partner with us: Pre-planning.

What is the Binding Edge Work Ethic?

When we hear kind words from our clients, we are pleased and proud – but also inspired to do even better. We are constantly raising our own bar. When we successfully exceed a client’s expectations, we are already onto the next project, pushing ourselves to improve upon the last accomplishment.

Time for Tinning!

Tinning is a binding process that crimps a metal strip along the edges of sheets. It is useful for holding sheets together and is often used for supporting and hanging posters, charts, and our clients’ promotional wall calendars. Binding Edge is only one of a handful of graphic finishers that can do this in the United States. It’s a very manual process but our clients appreciate our capabilities in handling this type of custom finishing work.

It’s Time to Place Your 2021 Calendar Order!

Every summer, we gear up for the next year’s calendar orders. That’s right, even though we’re only halfway through August 2020, your 2021 calendar finishing order should go in NOW! Presses are rolling, so let’s dig into a few special features that you can get from Binding Edge.