Tips to Avoid Snags in the Binding and Finishing Process

Tips to Avoid Snags in the Binding and Finishing Process

Binding Edge is your reliable, full-service mechanical bindery! We help many printing companies with their overflow projects and provide reliable services for those that don’t specialize in the finishing end of projects.

To that end, we are committed to providing accurate and competitive quotes so that there are no surprises. But one factor is absolutely key in making sure there are no snags in the printing/binding process: Communication.

Communication with the team at Binding Edge from the beginning of your project planning is a critical step. Today, let’s talk about a couple of ways you can ensure a smooth project from beginning to end through effective communication.

Step 1: Contact Binding Edge Right Away

If you know you are going to outsource the trimming, binding, tinning, tab indexing, hole punching, drilling, folding, and/or collating of your next project, get in touch with our team right away for a quote.

We will analyze the variables that go into your project to secure the correct components and staffing to meet your deadline.

Step 2: Collect the Necessary Data

We want to make sure we save you time and money, so for an accurate quote, have the following information available (at least to your best estimation) when giving us a call:

  • Ability to auto punch
  • Bind edge
  • Bind type
  • Bulk
  • Coil or element color
  • Fold quality of signatures
  • Materials supplied as quoted
  • Number of pages or sheets
  • Special packing requirements
  • Stock type
  • Trim quality of single sheets
  • Trim size

Step 3: Provide Project Changes ASAP

Once we have a plan in place, we need to know of any adjustments made to any of the above elements as soon as possible. Just keep us in the loop! In order to deliver your project with the greatest accuracy and efficiency, we don’t want there to be any room for error.

Take a look at our Pre-Planning blog for more details about our process. A lot of issues in the production process can be avoided with simple communication. We can guarantee minimal invoicing surprises by staying in communication with you throughout the entirety of your project – from the pre-planning process through the press and onto the final steps. Any changes made during the printing process can be adjusted prior to starting the binding process so that everyone is satisfied with the completed project.

Let’s talk today about your next binding or finishing project.

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