Custom handwork differs from kit assembly because it is not a conveyor-based assembly line. This type of work typically requires a great deal of floor space and a very flexible workforce. Please call to discuss your project. No request is too small or too complicated. Binding Edge applies industry best practices to pre-plan and carry out customized handwork projects to:

  • Adhere CD sleeves
  • Create packets to be bound on to a book
  • Hand-marry
  • Apply ID labels
  • Assemble board games
  • More and different custom work as requested


What Our Customers Say

You and your team have done an awesome job keeping up with our ever changing needs and schedules. I appreciate all the hard work and quick turns that you have put into these projects. Thanks much, and I look forward to our next project.

I would like to say thank you to your team for making our Select project go so smoothly and on TIME! Your team did an incredible job by keeping the 100s of imprint orders separate when coiling the orders.