Save Time & Money With Pre-Planning!

Save Time & Money With Pre-Planning!

Binding Edge has always looked for ways to save our clients both time and money when servicing their projects. With this in mind, we are proud to empower you with the single largest means to guarantee these savings when you partner with us: Pre-planning.

A lot of issues in the production process can be avoided with simple communication. That is why we pride ourselves on our pre-planning process. During this process, we will go over your project in detail to explain each and every cost that will appear on your quote and, eventually, your invoice. This takes away a lot of the guesswork when it comes to deciphering the financial aspect of your project.

Here’s an example: While we prepare your quote, we take into account every single aspect of the book to be bound and it all comes down to the thickness of the bound item – the bulk. If we are able to pre-plan based on the accurate bulk of the book, we are able to have the components, work cells, staffing, and time budgeted and ready to go right out of the gate.

There are literally hundreds of variables – from the final dimensions of your book, the page count, the paper weight, cover size, and more – that may affect our ability to provide accurate and competitive quotes and how those quotes translate into the final time and cost required to complete your project.

We can guarantee minimal invoicing surprises by staying in communication with you throughout the entirety of your project – from the pre-planning process through the press and onto the final steps. Any changes made during the printing process can be adjusted prior to starting the binding process so that everyone is satisfied with the completed project – and invoice!

Reach out today to be connected with one of our hard-working team members so that we can start the pre-planning process for your next binding project!

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