Expert Insight: Wire-O versus Spiral Binding

Expert Insight: Wire-O versus Spiral Binding

Wire-O Binding

Wire-o binding is also known as double-loop or twin loop wire binding. A pre-punched book is hooked onto the open wire and the wire is then closed to bind the sheets. The pre-formed metal binding has a narrow and wide end which comes together at the time of installation creating a closed seam, much like a zipper.

Attributes of Wire-O Binding

  • Considered aesthetically pleasing, especially for artistic applications.
  • Wire-o binding provides a lay-flat piece when folded over.
  • Even registration (cross-alignment) between open pages is especially nice for maps, ledgers, or full-spread artwork.
  • Sizes range from 1/4″ to 1-1/4″ diameter for books up to 1-1/8″ thick and can be custom cut for any bind length.
  • Wire color choices are black, white, cream, blue, red, green, gold, and pewter.
  • Compared to plastic coils, wire-o is more vulnerable to crushing or distortion due to pressure applied in packaging, shipping, or end-use.

Attributes of Plastic Spiral (Coil) Binding

Plastic spiral coils start out as plastic filament which is formed into various sized coils before being bound into documents. The binding process includes punching the pages, inserting the coil, and cutting and crimping the ends of the coil.

Plastic Spiral (Coil) Binding

  • Up to 50 color options.
  • Plastic coil binding has elastic-like flexibility and does not crush, making it extremely durable for mailing.
  • Coils are lightweight and scratch-resistant.
  • Similar to wire-o, plastic spiral allows for lay-flat use.
  • There is no risk of exposed sharp edges or snag hazards.
  • Coil is not for jobs where straight registration of the open book is required. When opened, half the book will follow the angle of the coil and will “drop” about one half a hole lower.
  • Binding Edge produces plastic spiral-bound books 6mm through the bulk range, between 1-2”+.
  • Binding Edge also offers single-strand wire binding produced in the same manner as plastic coils. However, single strand wire is less durable than wire-o (double loop) wire binding.
Plastic Spiral (Coil) Binding

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