Partially-Concealed Spines

Partially-Concealed Spines

Sooner or later, we all get a spine.

And it’s always better to get a spine earlier in life, don’t you agree? That’s why our customers love the partially-concealed spine construction that affords them a sharp, legible book spine with all the benefits of durable lay-flat wire-o binding.

Partial Concealed Spine

Wire-o binding is visible only from the back.

Partial Conceal Spine
The book has a full spine when viewed on a bookshelf.
Partially Concealed Spine
Lay-flat construction with even page alignment makes wire-o a customer favorite.

Partially-Concealed Spine Construction is:

  • A cost effective and durable alternative to perfect binding
  • A more “dressed up” look compared to traditional split-back binding
  • Only about 10% more than traditional split-back binding
Fully-Concealed Binding

Or Wrap it Up with Full-Conceal

If you or your customer prefers a fully-concealed binding, we also offer a wrap-around binding that affords more inside cover space for reference information or graphics. The final product appears perfect-bound from the outside, yet retains all the benefits of lay-flat wire-o binding.

Get a spine on your next binding project.

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