New Machine: Automatic Plastic Coil Punch & Bind Machine

New Machine: Automatic Plastic Coil Punch & Bind Machine

It’s been a busy summer! We recently announced the installation of a second large format paper punch and are now pleased to announce another new technology: Our second automatic plastic coil punch and bind machine. You have heard us talk about our Bielomatik punch and bind inline machine. This new technology is the latest step forward in plastic coil inline binding

This machine gives us added capacity, which will allow us to complete more in-line work instead of the less automatic process of completing projects. It punches and binds in-line at speeds up to 800 books per hour and can handle coil sizes from 8 mm to 22 mm.

This adds more capacity to our existing automatic punch department. If this were off-line, we would have to punch on a separate machine and then bind manually. Just the binding alone is four times faster with this new machine!

Thanks to this technology, our clients will benefit with improved turnaround times, not to mention the very competitive overall value you have come to expect of our Binding Edge team.

Investing in state-of-the-art machinery and innovative technologies is part of our commitment to you, our client. We know that you require efficiency and accuracy, and we’re ready to meet this challenge.

Give us a call to learn how our two new machines can benefit your next project.

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