What is the Binding Edge Work Ethic?

What is the Binding Edge Work Ethic?

“In a world where ‘no news is good news’ has become the measurement of success, I felt it necessary to comment on the pleasure of working with your conscientious team at Binding Edge.

You have excellent performance; communication and your deliveries are always on time. I have been remarkably impressed with your attention to detail and willingness to invest in our relationship. I appreciate your promptness on estimates, accurately typed confirming quotes, and the overall friendly service your team provides.

We have been extremely impressed and pleased with the addition of the Bielomatik binding line. The smooth production process from an unbound book through the punch/bind/shrink wrap stages has reduced turn times tremendously. The cost of freight and doing business over a longer distance has essentially been eliminated by the added efficiencies from this new technology.”

– Erin S., Production Planning/Purchasing with a confidential Binding Edge client


When we hear words like this, we are pleased and proud – but also inspired to do even better.

We are constantly raising our own bar. When we successfully exceed a client’s expectations, we are already onto the next project, pushing ourselves to improve upon the last accomplishment.

Our team is also motivated by tackling the next challenge. Clients are always coming to us with requests and problems to solve. We are galvanized by the prospect of finding a creative solution on their behalf!

Finally, we take pride in our ability to keep up. The printing industry is full of relentless deadlines and “needed right now” mentalities by the end customer. We are ready to meet these challenges head-on.

Below is a list of our capabilities and specialties. We are also available for custom projects.

collating/gathering: 90+ pockets across 4 machines
trimming: flat-bed and 3-knife
punching for mechanical binding
plastic spiral binding
wire spiral binding
wire-o binding
GBC comb binding
tab indexing
paper banding
kit assembly
hand work
calendar tinning

Tell us: How can we exceed your expectations, today?

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